Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development, manufacturing and marketing of the wireless products since its
Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development, manufacturing and marketing of the wireless products since its

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Hangshi  has been focusing on the research & development,  and marketing of the wireless products since its
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CM-Senior E-commerce Sales Representatives (eBay/Amazon)
Job Labels: 
Amazon/eBay Sales Representatives,E-commerce,English,German,Spanish,Portuguese, Italian,Category manager

Job Positions and Responsibilities:
E-commerce Sales Representatives/Commerce/Foreign Trade Sales Representatives/Assistant

Job Description:
To meet company business demands,now we recruit eBay/Amazon senior sales representatives/category managers in any one of following languages.
Languages: English/ German/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian
Main Job Responsibilities: According to company sales strategies, build company branding product line,promote sales,administrate logistics to meet  company expected sales targets.

Job Position Requirements:
1. University degree or above,level 6 or above of relevant languages,fluent in writing&reading
2. 2-3 years relevant foreign trade working experience
3. Familiar with shopping habits of consumers in Europe,AmericaandGermany.
  Can solve sorts of problems before,during and after customer purchasing. 
4. Excellent file-writing ability
5. Familiar with the management and sales of eBay/Amazon shops.Prioritize job applicants who are able to operate throughout eBay/Amazon.
6. Flexible mind and with strong logicality,good communication and team-work spirit
7. Strong responsibility sens ,excellent independent job-accomplishing ability
8. Strong self-learning and adaptability to changes ability.Positively update professional relevant knowledges.
 French Market Sales Representatives 
Job Labels: 
  Sales Representatives,E-commerce,French,English,German,Spanish,Portuguese, Italian

Job Positions and Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for The French market E-commerce platform operation and customer service.
2. Responsible for The French market demand analysis and sales forecast
3. Responsible for research & development of channels’ new products in.Introduce new products.
4. Other superior assigned working.

Job Position Requirements: 
1.University degree or above,French level 4 or above and fluent in English
2. Strong analysis ability,learning ability,pressure-bearing ability and enterprising spirit
3. Prioritize job applicants with overseas studying and working experience  
4. Prioritize job applicants with foreign trade sales experience

Graphic Designers
Job Labels:
Packaging design, selling product specified design

Job Positions and Responsibilities:
Graphic Design Specialists

Job Positions and Responsibilities:
1. Ordinary company products packing design,user manuals etc relevant design working 
2. Product-shooting,PS and uploading working
3. Company other design and shooting working
     Taobao etc on-line stores’ decoration

Job Requirements:
1. Proficient in graphic design software operation(including Photoshop,Indesign,Illustrator,Acroba etc)
2. Familiar with later period printing procedures.Good at digital single lens reflex shooting
3. Outstanding creative ability. High self requirement for working quality.
Can independently finish product shooting and PS.
 Brand Director
Job Position Labels:
SCM,Sales manager of E-commerce,Manager, Amazon/eBay,English,Brand director, Brand-promoting

Job Positions and Responsibilities :
Commerce/Foreign Trade Manager/Supervisor,E-commerce manager/Supervisor

Main Job Responsibilities:
According to company sales strategies,lead team,take responsible for product line,sales,logistics administration.Promote sales of branding products    to meet company expected sales targets.
Job Positions Requirements:
1. University degree or above,CET 6 or above,fluent in writing&reading
2. 3-5 years relevant foreign trade working experience,more than 2 years team administration experience(more than 5 persons)
3. Familiar with oversea E-commence markets and policies and regulations of eBay/Amazon.
  Prioritize job applicants who are familiar with product development,sales channels&methods and skills in eBay/Amazon.
4.Flexible mind and with strong logicality
  sharp market-analysis ability,
  good at solving all sorts problems of professional.
5.Can undertake certain working pressure.
  Strong adaptability to changes ability.
6.Open-minded,honest,strong self-discipline,high working passion,good team-working sprit and team administration ability. 
7. Familiar with shopping habits of European,American consumers.
  Prioritize job applicants with studying abroad and working experience.


Job Position Labels:
Mould design,Research&development 

Job Positions and Responsibilities:

MAIN Job Responsibilities:
According to company research&development strategies, independently accomplish design,research&development .

Job Positions Requirements:
1. College degree or above.
   Master AutoCAD,PRO-E softwares well.
   Independently use softwares to accomplish whole set of mould design.
2. Familiar with mould processing technics and plastic&rubber material performances.
   Examine preliminary customer design program and make files.
3. Familiar with mould structure and processing technics.
   Can design large -scaled and complex moulds(prioritize vehicle mould designers)
4. Proficient in plastic&rubber mould structure
   strong product analyzing and improving ability.
   Propose improving solutions to the product defects.
   Evaluate mould feasibility and using life.
5.With 4 years export mould design working experience.
   Familiar with DMF,HASCO standards.
6. Strong responsibility.
  Value team work collaboration.
  Obey working assignment.
  Bear working pressure.
  Flexible mind(high innovation sense).
  Good communication collaboration ability

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